"You are getting this email because you have agreed to 3rd party offers..." - When does marketing email become spam?

About MIPSpace

No More Email Marketing
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MIPSpace was created to deal with the increase in Email Marketing activity that ISP's and their end users are facing.

Sometimes referred to as 'Grey Area Spam', the problem has reached a point where in some cases up to 65% of rejected email is now from aggresive email marketing campaigns. End users have not had the ability to choose to reject email marketing campaigns, and in many cases end users do not even know how they 'Opted In' for such 3rd party mailings.

ISPs are finding that some marketing companies will send 10 to 20 messages per day, and often some email marketing companies may have even acquired the email addresses through less than savory means.

The CAN-Spam ACT has not been sufficient to deal with this type of abuse, and the overhead for the ISPs and the customer loss this problem has caused has created a financial hardship.

Many ISPs have resorted to creating their own private lists of abusers, or blocking these excessive mailings via rate limiters, but there is a common factor on all the IPs and/or networks that the end users and ISPs are trying to stop.

People want the right to say, "No More Email Marketing". 'Do not call' lists have been tried before, and havent' worked, or in some cases even contributed to the problem. It is obvious that the email marketing industry cannot regulate itself in a manner that satisfies the public.

So, just like the post office, where you can call and ask to not receive any more 'Junk Email' (Note: this may not be Spam, and even in some cases legitimately subscribed to email marketing) now the users can ask from their ISP or Email provider, the same ability.

ISPs can do it on a user by user basis, or opt to block all email marketing because of the costs it incurs the companies, by refusing any email from IPs where the network operator is known to support, or at least not object to this type of activity.

Post Offices at least get paid to deliver junk mail, and they still provide the ability for people to 'Opt Out' on a global basis. Email Providers don't normally get paid for delivering junk mail, and the rates have now reached the point where 50% of the volume of email to be processed is email marketing. ISPs deserve the right to not accept this type of email, and users have the right to refuse what they consider as 'junk mail', no matter if it is Spam or Email Marketing.


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