"You are getting this email because you have agreed to 3rd party offers..." - When does marketing email become spam?


READ FIRST! If you are a company that is involved in email marketing, and wish to have your IP or Network removed from our database, you probably will not have much success getting removed. This is a 'Do Not Call' list where users can 'Opt Out' of ALL email marketing campaigns. If you are on a network that is known for allowing email marketing to occur, you may be out of luck as well. If you aren't doing email marketing consider a different network. However, if you believe an IP address or IP range was listed in error, please visit removal requests and we can examine the evidence and your arguments.

If you are an ISP, Telco, or other email service provider that wishes to offer the ability to block email marketing companies based on the IP Space that they use, then you should visit the subscribe to MIPSpace page. We offer access to our lists, on a subscription basis only, via RBL or BMS look-ups in a manner that will work with most mail servers.

For press contacts, partnering, resellering or for sales questions about our subscription models, please contact sales@mipspace.com. Or you can use the contact form below:

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